FREE MP4 Videos. On this web-site you can download videos from youtube and other web-sites with the permission of the authors.    This web-site is dedicated to the people that do not have the possibility to see the videos from Youtube at home by different reasons.    For example the people who dont have a computer (pc) at home, and need to borrow.  Here you can download the videos in MP4 format and see them on your mobile.    I use maximum quality to maintain the videos almost as original, and a codec compatible with all kinds of mobil.    The content of this web-site is completely free to download. It`s not necessary to be member for downloading.    If you are a Youtube-Member and want to have your videos (in 3gp or mp4 format) on my web-site.    You can send me a message on my Youtube Channel or send me an e-mail pressing HERE. Hope for many answers. Thanks.    3GP My goal is to make high quality 3GP and MP4 videos for all kinds of cellularphones.  To keep a very high quality and to keep the original lenght of the videos.   You may use more space with my videos than others, but it is cheaper to buy a extra memory card, than a new phone or a MP4 player.  Welcome to Copyright 2012 About this Web-Site